The Challenge

A FinTech software company placed itself on the market for sale. Detailed due diligence was necessary to determine the value, risk, and cost of integrating the firm. If the due diligence process resulted in the acquisition of the Fintech company, the integration had to be executed flawlessly without any adverse customer experience impact.

The Solution

Due diligence was performed on the customers, products and services, financials, information technology, organization and personnel, business and data operations, cybersecurity, compliance, and other critical aspects of the potential target. Merger P&L forecasts, integration roadmaps and timelines, synergies, integration risks and a bid price were developed. The company was acquired and integrated.

The Benefits

Revenues were increased 60% and EBITDA by 30%. A significant customer list was acquired. The geographic footprint and market were significantly expanded in the US nationally and across Europe and Asia. The overall breadth of financial market data content was significantly increased, the software product and managed services portfolio were significantly expanded and the feature/functionality of existing product and services was greatly enhanced. There was zero adverse impact to the customer bases caused by the integration.

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