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GRC and Cyber Risk

What We Do


We protect your brand reputation, financials, customer experience, services delivery, and operations from GRC challenges and the myriad of risks that threaten your entire organization

How We can Help

Financial Services firms are facing an increasingly complex regulatory environment with more requirements than ever before.  Standing up a compliance program that has been operationalized and meets the required standards has become extremely challenging.

At the same time, institutions are faced with an increasing set of risks that can impair brand reputation, financials, customer experience, service delivery, and operations.  These risks span a broad set of challenges inclusive of Cyber Risk, Vendor Risk, Enterprise Risk Management, Natural Disasters, internal and external bad actors, and simply unintended human error.

AscentBT Technologies provides expertise and services to help financial institutions protect themselves from this regulatory and risk landscape at any point in your journey – strategy, current state review, future state design, build, implementation, or continuous improvement. 

Strategic Challenges

AscentBT has expertise helping financial institutions implement, improve, update, and manage NIST 800-53, NIST CSF, ISO 27001/27002, SOC 2, COBIT, PCI, CISv8, and other risk management frameworks. 

Whether your institution needs help with the risk framework implementation, keeping up-to-date with framework changes, or applying the framework to the ongoing changes in your organization, AscentBT can  help your institution.  

Audit and exam compliance findings (and worse – violations) cost you money, focus, and time; and can adversely impact your ability to offer new products and services, enter new markets, and perform M&A. 

AscentBT has expertise in GLBA, FINRA, PCI DSS, SOX, COSO, FFEIC, NY DFS, and other  financial services regulations and is focused on helping financial services firms implement and maintain compliance programs, prepare for audits and exams, and mitigate and resolve audit and exam findings.

In 2023, the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CPDA), and the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) go into effect.

AscentBT has expertise in GDPR, CCPA, CPDA, and CPA and other privacy regulations and is focused on helping financial institutions implement and operationalize privacy programs that meet their regulatory requirements and ensure the institutions brand reputation and financials are not at risk.

Cyber Risk threat levels and the volume of bad actors increases every day. AscentBT helps financial services institutions develop or mature their Cyber Risk programs; optimize their risk management identification, implementation, monitoring, and remediation efforts; and mature third-party risk management programs inclusive of first, second, or third order third parties.

Strong data governance programs are essential to the success of risk management, regulatory compliance, and IT programs.  However, they can be challenging to implement, maintain, monitor, and administer. 

AscentBT helps financial services firms build, mature, and operationalize their data governance programs to ensure they meet risk management, regulatory compliance, and IT program needs. 

Our Methodology

AscentBT Technologies utilizes a mature methodology that helps clients through their entire journey from the vision through execution and run phases. The methodology is adapted to the client situation for whom either all or a subset of phases are executed.

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AscentBT Technologies is the leader in helping financial services develop and execute intelligent automation strategies to drive revenue, EBITDA, and reduced risk.