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Open banking

What We Do


Enable the secure digital exchange of data and processes between your institution and third party constituents to increase revenue, streamline processes, and reduce costs.

How We can Help

Open Banking enables financial institutions to provide secure digital exchange of data or processes with 3rd party constituents such as customers, other financial institutions, and partners for the purpose of creating revenue driving services, improved operations, reduced costs, faster time to market, improved customer experience, and reduced risk.

AscentBT helps customers develop and implement Open Banking strategies and frameworks and implement targeted tactical solutions.

Strategic Challenges

AscentBT works with specific lines of business (i.e. lending, investments, payments) at customers to establish Open Banking strategies, use cases, priorities, success metrics, ROI, and roadmaps.

AscentBT helps companies develop an Open Banking framework that can be leveraged across the portfolio of processes and data that will be integrated with 3rd party constituents inclusive of architecture, data, governance, economics, risk, compliance, processes, standards, and other framework elements.

AscentBT will design, develop, and implement the open banking use cases that have been identified.

AscentBT works with the customer to design and build an Open Banking service model that will ensure service levels and quality objectives are met.

AscentBT performs tools evaluations and selections to ensure the right tools are selected to meet the Open Banking requirements.

AscentBT designs and implements data strategies or helps adapt the current model as necessary for the Open Banking initiatives.

Our Methodology

AscentBT Technologies utilizes a mature methodology that helps clients through their entire journey from the vision through execution and run phases. The methodology is adapted to the client situation for whom either all or a subset of phases are executed.

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AscentBT Technologies is the leader in helping financial services develop and execute intelligent automation strategies to drive revenue, EBITDA, and reduced risk.