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What We Do

AscentBT Technologies provides solutions for the financial services industry that drive revenue, EBITDA, and risk management in increasingly challenging and competitive markets.

Strategic Consulting

Strategically minded organizations set and achieve measurable objectives, and they react, respond, and learn from situations where assumptions break down and course correction becomes necessary. Our practical approach to strategic innovation and strategy formulation creates executable plans to unlock and deliver long term business value.

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Fintech -financial technology concept.Business, Technology, Internet and network concept.

GRC and Cyber Risk

Financial Services firms are facing an increasingly complex regulatory environment.  Standing up a compliance program that has been successfully operationalized and meets the required standards has become extremely challenging.

At the same time, institutions are faced with an increasing set of risks that can impair brand reputation, financials, customer experience, and service delivery.  

AscentBT Technologies provides expertise and services to help financial institutions protect themselves from this regulatory and risk landscape at any point in their journey.

Data Strategy

Data Strategy (MDM) is the discipline and technology that enables a financial services firm to harness their data assets for the purpose of driving new revenue generating products and services, enhancing client experience, increasing client retention, improving service delivery, and reducing cybersecurity and GRC risk.

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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is the discipline and technology of leveraging robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, process automation, and other technologies and disciplines to create smart business processes and workflows that think, learn, and adapt on their own to drive improved service delivery and efficiencies, reduced costs, improved client experience, ROI, and EBITDA.


Utilize AscentBT Technologies expert resources to augment your existing capable staff or to provide skills not currently residing within your institution. 

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Integrate critical applications, systems, data, and processes to reduce bottlenecks, errors, and the time it takes customers and internal personnel to execute business transactions, while improving transaction experience.

How We Can Help

Commercial Banking and Lending

Retail Banking and Lending



Capital Markets

Regulatory and Audit

Financial Market Data



Strategic Roadmaps

Product Roadmaps

Customer 360 View

New Client Acquisition

Client Profitability and Profitability Forecasting

Client Next Product to Sell Projections and Cross Sales

Client Retention Programs

Client Experience and Digital Strategy

Client Support

Line of Business and Operations Dashboards

Open Banking

End-to-End Function Integration

Client Segmentation

Client Sales Pipeline Management

Incentives and Commission Programs

Customer Channel Optimization and Consistency

Credit, Investment, and Other Risk Management

Fraud Detection

M&A Due Diligence, Integration, Divestiture, and Carve-Outs

Product Development, Enhancement, and Bundling

Operations Monitoring, Alerts, and Risk Mitigation

Regulatory and Policy Compliance

Risk Modelling (Credit, Investment, Other)

Analytics and AI Capabilities

Process Efficiency Optimization

TCO, ROI, & Business Justification

Go To Market Planning

Strategic Roadmaps

Current State Baselining and Analysis

Future State Design Implementation

Preparation Implementation Development

Process Optimization

Operations Optimization

Cost Optimization

APIs and Middleware

Master Data Management

Data Governance





TCO, ROI, & Business Justification

M&A Due Diligence, Integration, Divestiture, and Carve-Out

Project Management

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Our Methodology

AscentBT Technologies utilizes a mature methodology that helps clients through their entire journey from the vision through execution and run phases. The methodology is adapted to the client situation for whom either all or a subset of phases are executed.

AscentBT Technologies provides solutions for the financial services industry.