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Strategic Consulting

What We Do

AscentBT Technologies helps develop the strategies necessary to accomplish goals across a variety of domains inclusive of product and services development/GTM, operations, information technology, GRC, organizational, integration, EPS and/or EBITA, M&A, executive dashboards, and other critical domains.

How we can help

How do you position yourself to thrive in these competitive markets? What kind of experience do you want for your customers? What level of quality do you want to deliver for your services and products? How are you going to maximize top line revenue and minimize costs? Are you positioned to mitigate risks – regulatory, cybersecurity, Force Majeure disasters?

How are you making these decisions and why? …and what are the intended and unintended consequences? How do you execute these decisions?

AscentBT helps customers develop and execute strategies that will maximize EPS and EBITDA while mitigating risk and meeting the customer experience and service goals.

Strategic Challenges

AscentBT Technologies provides due diligence, integration, divestiture and carve-out services to financial institutions, private equity, and venture capital firms that ensure financial targets and M&A goals are met while mitigating operating, customer, cybersecurity, and regulatory risk.

AscentBT helps companies develop their Go To Market model that is in alignment with the organizational culture and capabilities.

AscentBT provides services that will make your financials more transparent to improve management, decision-making, EPS and/or EBITDA.  AscentBT also provides a cost optimization program that will reduce your capital and operating cost structure and improve efficiencies. These services are comprised of a set of modules that can be executed in total or sub modules and can be applied on an enterprise basis or across specific departments, products, or services. 

AscentBT engages in a structured organizational assessment that helps organizations improve their ability to meet and exceed its mission and goals and improve the service delivery. It assesses the organization’s mission, goals, and success metrics and the associated organizational structure, roles, KPis, skills, tools, processes, policies, culture, and financials resulting in future state, financials, roadmap, and risks.

AscentBT helps financial institutions develop and implement executive, management, line of business, financial, operations, IT, and other dashboards that are necessary to manage the business. This program usually includes an examination and improvement of KPIs.

AscentBT can help you assess the maturity of your organization, departments, functions, products, or services based on a mature methodology. The result of this assessment is maturity scoring, findings, recommendations, benefits, and a roadmap.

Our Methodology

AscentBT Technologies utilizes a mature methodology that helps clients through their entire journey from the vision through execution and run phases. The methodology is adapted to the client situation for whom either all or a subset of phases are executed.

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Our practical approach to strategic innovation and strategy formulation creates executable plans to unlock and deliver long term business value.